Advance Protection Limited is a private security company based in Dublin, Ireland, specialising in executive and high profile personal protection.

Our services are designed to meet our client’s requirements, gather information and work with our clients in order to provide a tailor made personalised service.

At the forefront of providing a discreet and personalised service, we understand and achieve the delicate balance between risk analysis and threat vulnerability, and recognise that that public perception of an individual or association may dictate that level of vulnerability. Client confidentiality and discretion are central to our business. 

All of our executive protection officers have extensive qualifications and experience working in a policing and/or military background.

Close Protection

We provide a highly professional Close Protection service combined with a bespoke security and advisory service. We protect clients and their families in their home, with a mobile security driver/escort and while traveling abroad.

Every client is unique, and protective tasks can present challenges. We pride ourselves on addressing the needs of our clients, allaying their fears and providing a discreet personalised service. Depending on our clients requirements we can provide male and/or female Close Protection officers. 

Our Close protection service for individuals, families or associations who desire peace of mind.

Residential Security

Nobody should feel at risk in their own home, but unfortunately wealth and fame attracts a level of threat. We protect our clients homes, family members, belongings and assets from any risk or potential threat.

We provide a full Risk Site Assessment of your property and ensure the best solution for your security needs. Our Residential Security Team (RST) agents are former police and military protection officers, and have worked both at home and overseas for high profile clients and government officials.

Our team can be deployed to any location worldwide at short notice. Outside the Rep of Ireland, armed residential security teams are an option. Contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have regarding this service.

More solutions include:

  • CCTV
  • Static Security Guards
  • Security Patrol Dogs
  • Ground Sensors

Chauffeurs & Security Drivers

Our Executive Protection Drivers and Chauffeurs are held to a high standard within the industry, and are trained in security and safety techniques to a RoSPA Standard.

Our drivers are also trained in Executive Protection Techniques, Surveillance, Surveillance Detection, Counter Surveillance, Defensive Driving, First Aid, CPR, Evasive Driving and Anti-ambush techniques. All our drivers are former police and military

Protective Surveillance

Protective Surveillance offers clients another bespoke service, allowing them to go about their daily routine without obtrusive protection, yet with the peace of mind that they are surrounded by a highly trained protective team.

Whereas a normal Close Protection service might be seen as inappropriate or intrusive, this covert protection service ensures discretion.

Protective Surveillance is suitable for:

  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Targets of Stalking
  • Children and Families

Health & Safety

Advance Protection Health & Safety offers our clients a comprehensive service.

Whether a Residential Estate or Private Event, Our Health and Safety Consultant will work with you to improve all round standards and safety of the working environment.

While protecting your business, we will work at avoiding unnecessary accidents and claims in the workplace.

We will also develop, plan and implement a Health and Safety Plan, working with our clients to ensure the best pro-active and cost effective solutions.

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