Advance Protection works with our clients to provide a Professional Bespoke Security Guarding service that is unparalleled in the Irish Market. When it comes to protecting your business, we actively create an ensured safe and secure environment for your Office, Property or Corporate HQ. 

Our guards are carefully vetted, selected, trained, and able to provide a service far beyond the industry standard. 

Quality Matters:

Our guards go through an extensive, rigorous, and robust training program. This gives them the skills to be higher than standard and ensures the quality of security to protect your business. Our program is designed with your needs in mind, and our capabilities exceed competitors. 

Advance Protection guards assigned to your site will have on-site training and will be fully aware of the facilities. Our guards are well-informed, equipped and using the latest technologies will provide you with complete peace of mind. 

Guards assigned to each site are based on that site’s specific requirements. Among the syllabus in our training are, Counter Terrorism Training, Conflict Management, Fire Safety Management. 

Operational duties of Security Include: 

  • Concierge / Reception Services
  • Gate Access and Exit Control
  • Manning of Gates and Doors
  • Protection of offices, Equipment and Buildings
  • Visitor and Employee badging and identification
  • Patrols in your premises and the surrounding property
  • Reporting of faults and on-call property maintenance
  • Parking service
  • Technical patrols for inspection of fire alarms and security systems

Advance Protection employees are trained and vetted in accordance with the Private Security Authority, the governing body of the Republic of Ireland. All our guards hold a valid PSA Licence.

Advance Protection Provide Security Services To These Sectors:

Construction Security - Advance Protection

Construction Security

Data Centres - Advance Protection

Data Center

Critical Infrastructure - Advance Protection

Critical Infrastructure

Financial Institutions - Advance Protection

Financial Institutions

Healthcare Facilities - Advance Protection

Healthcare Facilities

Logistics And Distribution - Advance Protection

Logistics And Distribution

Car Park Security - Advance Protection

Car Parks

Chemical And Pharmaceutical - Advance Protection

Chemical And Pharmaceuticals

Maritime Security - Advance Protection

Maritime Security

Housing Developments - Advance Protection

Housing Developments

Government - Advance Protection


Technology - Advance Protection