Technical Security & Counter Measures (TSMC) (Drone Defence)

Advance Protection provides an effective Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) service throughout Ireland. To counter technical surveillance, our team can provide the latest state-of-the-art equipment and GSM bug detection technology.

Advance Protection can electronically sweep: 

  • Boardrooms
  • Residential Home
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Vehicles
  • Conference Rooms
  • Office Buildings 

Client’s that utilised this service range from banks, financial corporations and major corporate companies. Our services will mitigate attempts to penetrate your defence.

Industrial and Corporate Espionage is on the rise in Ireland. Eavesdropping and spyware devices can be easily bought of the internet and when placed in the right location, are visually undetectable.

Technical Security - Advance Protection

These devices can be a simple GSM plug socket or a spyware device placed on your desktop computer. Technical surveillance on a company or individual using eavesdropping devices or hidden cameras to record material by manipulation is a breaches privacy laws.

Advance Protection can provide a range of solutions to identify, detect, and defend against threats if you or your organisation feels you may be a target to possible technical surveillance. At the risk of data theft, corporate espionage, or cyber-attacks against you or your organisation could be catastrophic.

Our team will make a comprehensive report on your organisations existing protection practices and make recommendations to enhance the level of protection. Our team of professionals who specialise in this service are former police and military, and work in highest level of confidentiality. 

Drone Defence Technology

Advance Protection provides this service for certain events using innovation and protective technology. We protect you from the air as well as the ground.
While criminality is a major threat. The most likely threat of drone risk is from the media.

Drone Defence - Advance Protection

Journalists or paparazzi who wish to capture images or video using drones will then sell to news papers  at the risk of invading your privacy. We protect drone risk from: 

  • Private Parties
  • Family Events
  • VIP & High Profile Weddings